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Reintroduction :)

Hey y'all!

I'm Tessa, 24, from the Netherlands. I used to be pretty active around here, back in 05-07, I think. But I got a little drifted away from AtS and BtVS and all those shows with Charisma after that didn't really air in my country so I got a little side-tracked. But I started rewatching AtS a few months ago and really got back into Angdelia (and Weslah, which I forgot had even happened and now I'm in love) and remembered all the wonderful fic around here so I'm kind of back, enjoying all your great writing. And perhaps give it a try myself, who knows

So a newbie only-not-rilly, but it's been so long I felt like saying hi again!
Lindsay merely huffed at her statement. "I see you're taking some for the team these days," he said, eyeing the cane she was still using.

"Well, it's hard to top taking a dagger to the jugular, but I do what I can," Lilah shrugged.

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