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Whom should I contact if I have a problem?

Get in touch with Emmangel or Penny Century via e-mail or the board's private messaging service. You can reach the entire site team at

Thanks to time zone differentials, one or more moderators is signed in virtually around the clock Monday-Friday, with frequent check-ins on weekends. If you need urgent technical help or wish to report a problem thread, visit the Currently Active Users box on the Stranger Things top page to see who's on line.

Why does the board sometimes say "server is too busy"?

Stranger Things lives on a shared server, and sometimes other people on the server use scripts that hog its resources. Just wait it out and it should go back to normal eventually.

What happened to the old posts?

Under normal circumstances, old threads are sometimes deleted to cut forum download time and ease our server processing burden (meaning less downtime for the board). Deleting old private messages makes more room to store these older threads.

Fanfics are collected for storage at Just Fic before their original threads are deleted; check that site for any stories or installments you've missed.

I just registered. Why can't I see the spoilers and fanfic?

For security reasons, the Stranger Things Forum requires you to confirm your e-mail address before your account can be activated. (A member must have an activated account in order to post, send private messages, search the boards, view the Fanfiction and Spoilers area, and use other forum features.) Don't forget to register using a valid e-mail address, and respond to your validation e-mail as soon as you receive it.

If you deleted your validation e-mail before you responded to it, send a message to from the e-mail account you used to register, and don't forget to include your forum user name. A moderator will activate your account manually. Contact us at the same address if you registered with a fake e-mail address, and include your user name -- we'll change your record to reflect a valid address and send you an activation code.

What's the best way to mark spoilers?

Aya created a special vBulletin code that will change the color of your text so it matches the background. Thus, anyone who wants to read the text will have to highlight it. To use it, simply put the code [spoiler] and [/spoiler] around the text you want hidden.

Example : [spoiler]Blah blah blah.[/spoiler]

When you do this on the forum itself, the text will be hidden.

Are there any other special fonts?

Oh my yes. Stranger Things is proud to be the first forum anywhere to offer closed captioning for the humor-impaired through our Sarcasm, Deadpan, Facetious, Cynicism, Wishful Thinking, and Rant tags:

Upon your use of the format [sarcasm]Blah blah blah[/sarcasm], your wisecrack with show up in bold green letters. Similarly, [deadpan]Blah blah blah[/deadpan] will produce bold purple text. In addition, [facetious]Blah blah blah[/facetious] will show off your wit in a bold deep pink font.

Use [cynical]Blah blah blah[/cynical] when you're feeling especially bitter, and your text will reflect your mood in bold brown. On the other hand, if you're in a blue-sky mood, the [wishful]Blah blah blah[/wishful] tags showcase your relative optimism in bold blue. Finally, the [rant]Blah blah blah[/rant] tags let you announce your intent to vent with a bold red flair.

Additional special tags will be posted in the Forum Announcements/Help area as they are developed.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 09:38 AM.

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