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Title: Relations and Revelations
Author: Danyeal
Posted: 02-13-2003
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU
Summary: A C\A romance piece.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.

Part 1: The Sleep-over

I didn't plan for it to happen but it did. Angel and I have been sleeping together. Well, okay, we haven't been *sleeping* together, but we've been sleeping in the same bed.

See, about two weeks ago, I had this horrible vision of this little girl being mutilated by some scary hellbeast and I couldn't sleep. The boys, Angel, Wes, and Gunn, went out and killed the demon before the little girl was hurt, but I still couldn't get the sight of the poor little girl being ripped to shreds out of my head. So I said to myself, hey who needs sleep? By the third day I was dozing off in my Cup of Noodles.

So, of course, Angel was worried about me. I shrugged him off telling him that I was okay and not to worry, but hey it's Angel. Worrier INC. He finally badgered me into telling him what the problem was and he proposed an idea. A sleep over.

At first, I laughed, "A sleep over?" I question him and he nodded.

"If you sleep with me...well not *sleep* with me," he sighed knowing just how he sounded. "Well, what I'm trying to say is that maybe if you know I'm not so far away that you could get a good night's sleep."

Well, why not? I thought. He's a hottie, and he's sweet, and most importantly he's my best friend, but how weird was this?

"Okay." I agreed.

And it worked. Some nights I'd stay at the Hyperion, others I would stay at home. Each time he was there. It was better than a sleeping pill, being in his strong arms. His hard body spooning mine. His hands rubbing my lower back, when I was became restless in the early morning hours. Let me tell you ... it was so good. A little too good, if you know what I mean?

* * *

I don't know what I was thinking. Yeah Cordy I'll sleep in a bed with you and everything will be fine. I'm a total jackass.

At first it was fine. I was helping someone I cared about get a goodnight's sleep. And since she was usually up all night anyway her sleeping patterns matched my own. So there I was my face nestled in her hair, while other parts dreamed about being nestled in other places.

The first night I fell asleep and I dreamed about Cordy in that tiny bikini. When I woke up, she was already out of the bed and I prayed she didn't feel Mr. Happy. After that came the unintentional bumps of her ass against my groin that made me grit my teeth and think of disemboweled house pets. One night I even ran my hands down over her tight ass, at least until she stirred a bit, then I came back to myself. And I promised myself that I wouldn't take advantage of her.

So here we are just back at the hotel from a battle with a Lamia demon. Cordelia already excused herself upstairs to my room. To lay in my bed, smelling of lavender, in one of those skimpy satin pajamas I got her. I must have been wearing my pensive face cause Wesley immediately spoke out on our arrangement.

"I've tried to be quiet. You two are friends and I understand you two care for each other's well being, but you're playing with fire," Wesley said. "Good God man look at yourself."

"I would if I had a reflection," I deadpanned, Wes rolled his eyes.

"You're nervous, I bet you if you could sweat you'd be soaked right now. Not to mention I saw that lecherous look you gave Cordelia as she walked upstairs," Wesley began pacing in front of me and I abruptly stood up.

"Look go home, I can control myself, it's Cordelia," I said none too convincingly.

"Exactly, Angel...it's Cordelia," he said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Okay I knew exactly what he meant, but hey let someone spell it out for my mind because it was surely not listening to me.

"You're in love with her, Angel," Wesley said.

I laughed, "C-Cordelia, naah, sh-she's my-my-my friend Wes. I-I-I'm not ... not Cordy" I looked at Wesley who was grinning. "Okay maybe just a little bit." I gave in. "You think she loves me?"

"That's not important, if you love her and if you make love to her then Angelus will come out and kill us all. So for all our sakes, leave her be, Angel" Wesley said. "Goodnight."  Wesley left and I sighed.

I knew he was right. If anything went on between Cordelia and I, I'd be putting everyone I cared about in danger. I need a drink. Caritas.

* * *

So there I was, lying provocatively on Angel's bed, in a sheer black negligée mind you, waiting for him to come upstairs. I waited and waited and nothing. So much for my seduction plan. I put on a robe and crept downstairs to see   just what "gave" when I heard Wesley talking to Angel.

"I've tried to be quiet." I heard Wes say. I rolled my eyes Wes never *tries* to be quiet. " You two are friends and I understand you two care for each other's ... well being, but you're playing with fire...Good God man look at yourself." I silently wished I could get a good glimpse of Angel without being detected.

"I would if I had a reflection," Angel joked and I grinned. He has been so much lighter since A.I. got back together. Like a weight had been lifted from him. Gotta love epiphanies.

"You're nervous, I bet you if you could sweat you'd be soaked right now," Really... I had no idea I got Angel that worked up.  " Not mention I saw that lecherous look you gave Cordelia as she walked upstairs." Oh my God! Angel was checking me out! OK, I had to remember to breathe there.

Oh God... Wesley's pacing in front of Angel. Don't tell anyone, but Angel hates when people pace in front of him. It reminds him too much of his overbearing asshole of a father (his words not mine). I wasn't surprised when Angel jumped up off the couch and stood on the other side of the room. Now I could see him.

"Look go home, I can control myself, it's Cordelia," Angel said, folding his arms across his chest. What the hell was that supposed to mean? Was I a freak or something?, I thought.

"Exactly, Angel...it's Cordelia," Wesley said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're in love with her, Angel." Oh my fricken God, I couldn't believe what was being said!

Angel made this weird laugh, "C-Cordelia, naah, sh-she's my-my friend Wes. I-I-I'm not ... not Cordy"

The one thing about Angel, when he's doing something unnatural to him ... he stutters. For instance, making small talk, apologizing, or lying to his friends.

"Okay maybe just a little bit... You think she loves me?" Angel said.

I was going to cry and expose myself right there. Of course, I love you, you big jackass! I nearly screamed. Jeez. How obvious did he want me to make it?

"That's not important," Wes said. The hell it was! "If you love her and if you make love to her then Angelus will come out and kill us all." Then again... I forgot about Angelus. " So for all our sakes, leave her be, Angel" Wesley said. "Goodnight."  Wesley left and I cursed the day he was ever born. I watched Angel brood for a bit then he put on his jacket and left.

I went upstairs and prayed for him to come home and tell me how he feels. Angelus or no Angelus, I wasn't Buffy, I'd find a way to be with my man.

* * *

I sat at the bar in Caritas. Lorne the Host sat down at the bar stool next to me. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, hello to you too," Lorne said ordering himself a drink. "So ... to go bad or not to go bad....that is the question."

"Leave me alone," I said annoyed with his half-assed advice.

"I wish, but not this time," Lorne took a swig of his drink and I rolled my eyes again.

"What do you want then?"

"I want to tell you ... go for it," he smiled.

"If I turn into Angelus, you'd definitely be the one I torture the longest before I kill you," I threatened.

"Nerves," Lorne touched his head. "Working," he finished pointing at me. "Look, Angelcakes, of all the people you could run into in L.A. You run into her. Then she gets visions that bind her to you for life. The Powers have their own special way of doing things," he smiled.

"Like Buffy, she was my one true love ... my soulmate," I argued. The PTB could kiss my entire vampiric ass on that one... Okay so I have some issues to work out. Epiphanies are not cure all's.

"If she was your soulmate, then why did you turn into Angelus?" Lorne said.

"I had one true moment of happiness!"

"Yeah, yeah, Bull. If the PTB wanted to bend that clause in your curse they would. If you had slept with the right girl, things would have been different. Cordelia is your *true* soulmate. You know, she's the one person in this world who could crush you with four little words, 'We are not friends'. The one person who'd make you frantic with worry when she was sucked into my...that place Pylea." For the first time Lorne was actually make some sense to me.

"You and Cordelia, you have something special, you have something mature. You two love each other in  every way. And the best part about Cordelia is that she doesn't hold resentment in her heart. So no matter what you do to her, Big Guy, you will always be forgiven. And you will feel forgiven. You don't have that with that other girl ... now do you."

I remained silent. He was right I never felt truly forgiven by Buffy. I felt love, but I knew as a Slayer she would never accept my dark side. And I knew she'd never ever truly forgive me for what I had done, not that I blame her.   Cordelia on the other hand knew the deal from the first moment we met again in L.A. Truthfully, if I knew about the person she would grow into then, I probably would have ignored Buffy.

"I hate to interrupt your deeply brooding thoughts, Hot Stuff, but I have a feeling that there's young lady at home waiting for you to sweep her off her feet." Lorne winked and I actually smiled.

"Thanks, Lorne," I said as I was leaving.

"No prob., just tell me the details later," he joked, or at least, I think he was joking. I went home.

* * *

I was sleeping on top of the blankets in the same robe I had on before. I heard him come into the bedroom and I sleepily looked at the clock. It was nearly dawn.  He had been gone for two hours.

"Hey," I yawned as he sat down on the bed.

"Hey," He said taking off his shoes and socks. "Did I wake you?"

"Yeah," I smiled. "I don't mind," I ran my hand down his back. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he said, playing with his shirt. I think he was having difficulties decided whether to leave it on or take it off.

"Take your shirt off," I whispered not trying to sound demanding or needy.

He unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off. He laid next to me and I put my head on his chest. The only heartbeat I heard was my own. He rubbed my arm and I ran my hand down his stomach. We were embracing like a married couple and I loved every minute of it.

"Cordy," he whispered.

"Yes," I said holding my breath.

"I don't know if this is appropriate to say, but I want you. Really badly," he sighed and I smiled.

"I want you too." I said looking up at him. He turned on his side and his hands cupped my face. Then he kissed me so tenderly that I nearly cried.

* * *

Okay don't panic...I'm kissing Cordy just take it nice and slowly, I tried to tell my mind, but when she started making those deep throaty moans. Well, let's just say things got a lot harder. My hands ran up and down her back and thighs. She arched into me and I sat up. I undid the robe she had on.

"You're so beautiful," I said looking at her nude body only covered by a thin sheer black negligée.  She gave me one of her trademark ear-to-ear grins. I kissed her again, and settled on top of her. She was so soft all over she wrapped her arms around me.

"I-If you don't want to do this then we can stop. I don't want to rush you," I said.

* * *

Was he really serious? Does he actually think we can stop...now? After everything. I smiled and kissed him again.

"I love you, Angel," I whispered and he sighed.

"I love you too." He smiled one of those breathtakingly beautiful smiles that he rarely gave.

He slid his hands down the small of my back, over my ass, to the slit in my negligée.  He rubbed my upper thigh and then gripped tightly. He pressed himself against me and I felt his hardness through his pants, I moaned involuntarily. I couldn't believe this was happening. Finally, I was going to be with Angel.

Angel's hands were everywhere. I suddenly found myself naked with an equally naked Angel, on top of me. He was kissing me, desperately, like I was a dream that was about to fade away. So, I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed.

"Slower, I'm not going anywhere." I assured him.

* * *

I knew I was moving way to fast for her. Not that she wasn't enjoying it. I knew she didn't want to rush things. This was our first time together. So I gathered the rest of my fading will and slowed down.  

I kissed my way down her voluptuous body. Stopping at her breasts to suck on her nipples.  She grabbed my head and arched into me. I kissed my way down her firm stomach and licked her navel. I got the first up close look a her cunt. Ever since she wore that skimpy bikini I wondered if she was completely bare under that bikini bottom. To my surprise she wasn't. I smiled and licked slowly down, I began at the thin line of hair that decorated her mound, and I ended at her clit.

She moaned so loud I was glad that Wesley and Gunn were at their homes.

* * *

I can't tell you how happy I was at that moment that I didn't wax it all off down there. Never in my life had I seen or felt anything as erotic as Angel's rough, moist, tongue running down the top of my pussy to my clit.

It felt so good I damn near screamed at the top of my lungs. Angel took his time with me and his tongue, my God, his tongue was everywhere. Driving me insane. I grabbed on to the head board as my body grew hot and the tingle in the pit of my stomach began to grow and grow. I couldn't catch my breath it was so good. And then finally he began to suck on my clit and I came. I came so hard half of my body raised off the bed, not to mention, I screamed his name.  

His tongue licked me clean of my secretions until I pushed his head aside from over stimulation. He looked so pleased with himself, and I had to give that to him. He did out do himself there.

He kissed my inner thighs and the backs of my knees. My body longed for him.

* * *

I took a long look at Cordelia. A seriously long look. She was perfectly ravished and I was taking a moment to memorize everything about her. Her swollen lips, her sultry bedroom eyes, her damp hair, and the soft sheen of sweat that covered her from head to toe. It really didn't get any better than this. What I was seeing was priceless.  

"Angel," she moaned breathlessly. I smiled as I lowered my body on to hers. I settled in between her legs my hard cock was rubbing against her center to tease. Until she reached down took me in her hand and put me where I belonged. Where I've always belong. It was exquisite. Her hot moist walls around my cock squeezing in soft shudders. She tensed up and I feared I may have hurt her. She smiled, boldly, arching up against me. I was amazed at how perfectly we were joined. I kissed her passionately for a few minutes, my hands running through her hair.

"Angel, please," she gasped.  I withdrew a little bit and then plunged deeply inside her. I listened to her keening cries and gasps as I kept up the slow, hard pace. She answered  each of my hard thrusts with one of her own. When she was close, her moans became breathier and harder as she tensed up against me. Her nails scored my back.

"Oh God," she cried out and I felt her inner muscles clench around my cock.

Throughout all this I watched her. My eyes never wavered from her beautiful face. And when I finally came, I roared her name and collapsed against her. All the while chanting. I love you in her ear.

* * *

I can't talk right now come back later...*sigh*.

* * *

I rolled off of Cordelia and pulled the blankets over us. She smiled and stretch like a cat waking from a small nap. If contentment had a face it would be Cordelia. Then again I didn't have a reflection so I could be wearing the same face and not know it. I smiled and happily put my arms around her as she rested her head on my chest.

"That was amazing," Cordelia sighed.

"Yes it was," I agreed.

* * *

Can I just say that was more than just amazing? That was life changing. That was the epitome of how sex should be done. Not that I have a lot of experience, but as Gunn would say...DAAAAMN!

My God if I knew he was this good I would have jumped him in Sunnydale. My whole body is tingling. Never in my life has anyone made me come like that.

I was grinning like an idiot, but I didn't give a rat's ass. Angel was smiling too so I didn't feel so bad. He looked down at me the same time I looked up at him and we kissed. Our passion was spent, but our love was still being felt inside of us.  We laughed and kissed tenderly some more. And after a few more declarations of love we made love again. And again. Well, into the morning.

Part 2: Making Love

My body was humming, or was that me? I didn't know. I just felt so damn good. Who would've thought that Cordelia and I would make love? Who would've thought that it'd be so good? I mean, Cordy isn't nearly as experienced as me, but boy, she can hold her own.

"Mmm," she purred, literally. She kissed my chin, and nipped my ear.

"Good Morning," I said kissing her forehead.

"It is, isn't it?" She smiled, stretching. "What time is it?"

"About 9:30," I kissed the bridge of her nose and then her soft lips. Her hands went up my shoulders to the back of my neck. I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs as her lower body arched into mine. I teased her bottom lip with my tongue and she laughed.



Oh my God, I'm so happy! I have to just throw my head back and laugh sometimes. I love Angel so much and he makes me feel so good. My hands rub up and down his back as he positioned himself to enter me. This would be time number five, I was sore, but I didn't care. All I wanted was for Angel to be inside me always and as long as he was happy to do so, that was where he was gonna be. He kissed my neck as he slowly and gently entered me.

"Harder," I whispered in his ear and he groaned.

"No," he said. Knowing what was best for my body began thrusting gently and shallowly.

"I want you, " I scored his back with my nails and he hissed.

"I'm not going anywhere," he smiled and began sucking on that spot just below my ear.

"Oh God... Angel, fuck me," I screamed (and I'm not ashamed of it either, so there!) as heat passed through me and he began hitting that spot that makes me whimper with pleasure.



Ah, yes, there it was. I had been trying to hear that sound again all night. That sound of absolute all succumbing pleasure. That sound, that whimpering of incoherent words and harsh pants, that was like her saying to me, "Right there, Right there."

So like a dutiful lover I just kept hitting that spot, and I thank the Powers for my vampire healing abilities, cause she was clawing up my back like there was no tomorrow. I feel myself getting ready to fall off that edge, so to speak, and I know she's not close. So, my hand squeezed between our bodies and I went to stroke her, but she stopped me. And I looked into her eyes with confusion.



I had finally figured it out! He was trying to kill me. Sometime between this morning and last night he changed into Angelus and he was trying to kill me with pleasure. I pushed him away slightly until he was on his back. I kissed away his look of confusion and I straddled him. I grabbed his cock in my hand and eased down. We gasped at the same time when he entered me fully.

I began to ride him and he grabbed my hips to guide the pace. He scooted up and wrapped his arms around me. His lips traveled down the column of my throat to my breast. He began to suck on my nipples and I grabbed his head. I was on fire, ready to explode. My mouth fell open and I began to pant.

"Angel, Angel, Angel," I chanted.



She chanted my name. I kissed her as she bounced up and down on me. My hands went into her beautiful hair as I brought closer to me.

"Look at me," I panted and she opened her eyes. And *that* was all it took, she came, with a violent shudder, squeezing me tight. I spilled myself into her calling out her name.

She threw her head back and laughed again. It was an exquisite feeling, me still hard inside of her while she laughed. I could've came again, right there.

"I love you," I whispered, kissing her neck, fondly.

"Angel, I love you, too," she said still breathing hard, she laughed again and I stared at her in awe.

What a beautiful creature she is? Like a goddess.



I love the way he looks at me after we make love. It's like I'm something to good to be real. It actually brings tears to my eyes. I hugged him tight and buried my face in his neck. I'm crying. This isn't the first time I cried in his arms tonight. Every time he has held me and let me vent, because he knows my tears are tears of joy. After a few minutes, he kissed me and wiped my tears away.

I felt him inside of me, hard, and I smiled. I didn't know what I would do after he Shanshued and lost all this vampire stamina. I rocked my hips, forward and back, and he sighed. I pushed him down so his back was on the bed and I leaned over him and licked his nipples. He shuddered, and so I did that again.


She was amazing, simply amazing. I closed my eyes and let her do all the work. She was happy to. She was licking my nipples and sucking it was amazing...sorry I'm over using amazing, but it was, well ... amazing.

I rubbed her breasts and she grabbed my hands. Our hands intertwined and we both groaned as our passion doubled. She was moving faster and moaning. And just as I thought we both were going to plummet over that glorious edge again the door to my room was flung opened.

"Surprise!" A man and a woman yelled. Cordelia scrambled for the sheets that was on the floor.



"Oh my God!" I screamed in utter mortification, "Mom.... Dad!"

Part 3: The Morning After


It's 10 AM, do you know where your children are? Well, my parents now know where I'm at, where I've been, and what I've been doing. God, would someone please shoot me right now? Cause I wanna die.

"Oh, Cordelia!" My Mom yelled in shock. My Father's mouth was moving, but no words were coming out. My mother pulled my motionless wide-eyed father out the room.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod..." I can't seem to stop saying that.



I'm going to kill Wes and Gunn. I can't believe they let her parents upstairs to surprise us. And boy, were we all surprised. Poor Cordelia was mortified. She was blushing from head to toe meanwhile her father and mother scrambled outside. Wes and Gunn came running upstairs to see what all the commotion was about. I think they got a glimpse Cordelia's naked back on top of my naked body before the door was shut closed by Cordy's mother.

"Great," Cordelia said. "Fricken perfect. How lovely that my parents and everyone else has seen me straddling my boyfriend." She got off of me and the bed.

I didn't mean to be insensitive, but that shit was hilarious. The first chuckle that came out got me a glare, the second one got a pillow tossed at my head.

"I swear to God Angel! You laugh and I'll stake you!" Cordelia threatened and I fought to submerge my laughter.



That son-of-a-bitch was laughing! I was so pissed. My parents, they saw me ... and Wes and Gunn. I had hoped we could talk to them and explain to them what exactly had developed between Angel and I. Then Angel laughed again and continued to laugh until I began laughing.

"You know, this is not funny," I said getting control of myself.

"I know," He said with a sigh.

"We've got a lot of explaining to do," I sighed and he sat up and pulled me into his arms.

"We'll get through it, I promise," He kissed my forehead.



I took a quick shower, got dressed, and came downstairs. Actually, Cordelia and I sort of pulled straws and *she* decided it was best for me to break the ice first. So I walked downstairs and cringed under the disapproving glares of her parents. Then I looked at Wes and Gunn who looked at me like I was some freak. I guess they were looking for Angelus to appear.

"Hello," I said while approaching Cordelia's parents. I held my hand out the shake her father's hand, but he declined. "Um, I'm A-Angel, Cordelia's boyfriend. I'm sorry about what you saw this morning. Believe me I-it was embarrassing for everyone involved."

"Where's my daughter? I want to speak with her immediately," Richard Chase said in his fatherly stern tone of voice.

"She's upstairs, she'll be down..."

"As soon as she finishes with some other guy she has up there!" Richard yelled. I was outraged but I kept my cool. I didn't want to rip the head off my girlfriend's father.

"Oh for Christ's sake, Richard." Cynthia Chase hit her husband with the back of her hand. "She's a grown woman and this is the new millennium." She walked up to me and took my hand. "I'm glad my daughter found love. It's sooo rare nowadays," She said, loudly, and her husband grumbled, I knew then I was going to like Cynthia Chase.



After I heard my Dad yell that I was some whore I ran back into the room in tears. How could he say something like that? And knowing Mom she probably just stood there silent doing nothing as usual. I finally went downstairs and my mother was the first to hug me. Must be her guilt, I thought.

"Hello... Mother," I said contemptuously. "Hi Daddy." I said to my father and I gave him a big hug.

"I'm sorry about earlier," I whispered, while I was in his embrace.

"It's okay, Honey, we should have called before we came," Mother said. I just nodded.

"Daddy?" I said and he warmed a little bit.

"Sweetie, it's okay," he chuckled.

"Well, then what brings you here," I said trying to make conversation.

"You," My mother said and I folded my arms across my chest.

"Really? Me? And I thought I was just a liability," Okay, so I'm bitter. I can't seem to forget the words my parents use to describe me as they were packing for Tahiti.

"We didn't mean what we said that day," My father wrapped his hand around me and I rolled my eyes. "Um, let's talk. I have a great deal of news to tell you," He sat me down on the couch and Angel excused himself to talk to Wes and Gunn in the courtyard.

Last time my parents sat me down to talk to them, they dropped the bomb of Daddy's tax fraud. I wondered what the big let down was now.



Wes and Gunn sat warily in front of me waiting for me to explain. I just smiled, what else could I do? I had rub my soulfulness into Wesley's face.

"Very proud of yourself, aren't you?" Wesley said.

"Yes, I am. I made love to the woman I love. Didn't turn evil. So, yup, I'm pretty proud," I sighed.

"Did you ever think that maybe she wasn't the one?" Wesley asked.

"Shut up, Wes, Angel loves Cordelia we all know that just admit that you were wrong. By the way, congratulations, man." Gunn said, shaking my hand.

"Thanks," I said. Wesley sighed.

"Just be good to her," Wesley finally said.

"Of course," I said, detecting more than a little jealousy.



"So you came here to tell me..." Cordelia began, prodding her parents.

"You're father and I are divorcing," My mother said. I stared at them both in shock. I guess money isn't everything.

"Really?" I managed to say.

"Yes, sweetheart, it's over between me...and your mother," My father said, sadly.

"How can you do this to him," I yelled at my mother.

"Why do you always take his side? He never does any wrong in your eyes! You rather bite my head off than his," My mother yelled. And when I say yell. On the top of her lungs type yelling. She never yelled at me like that.

"I do not always take Daddy's side!" I yelled back.

"You always take your father's side. I could never get close to you because he manipulates you to believe ever lie that comes out of his mouth!" She said, walking towards me.

"You could never get close to me because there wasn't any room for me to fit in between the Ben and Jerry's and the Jack Daniel's." And that's when she slapped me. Oh the memories floating back.

"I think you should leave...mother," I said, angrily. My mother turned to leave and she walked away. Suddenly she stopped, or was stopped. Angel was gently holding her arms.

"Please don't go," Angel said to her. What is he doing, I thought.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at him.

"You two, need to talk," He said.

"You wanna talk, Angel, meet me in the office now!" I yelled and Angel hunched his shoulders and followed me into Wesley's office.



I was in trouble. I interfered in a family dispute, but personally I could see what Mrs. Chase was talking about. Richard Chase was a manipulative bastard.

"I'm sorry," I sad closing the door behind me.

"The best way to end this between us is to do what you just did!" She yelled at me. I knew that was the anger talking so I really didn't pay that declaration any mind.

"Cordelia, I'm going to ask you not to speak for a second and just listen to me," I touched her shoulders and she nodded. "Your mother loves you," I paused because she tried to interrupt. I placed my finger on her soft lips. "Your father, in front of everyone, called you a whore before you came down. Your mother spoke up for you. For us, actually. Therefore, I feel just a tad bit indebted to her." She pushed my fingers from her lips.

"She spoke up for me?" She whispered.

"Yes," I said.

"Well, she never did that before," She looked crestfallen.

"Maybe, she did, in private," I took her hand. "She's your mother and she loves you."

"She's jealous of me," Cordelia said, sadly.

"Is that what your father told you?"

"No," she denied, but I could tell she was lying, "My father's been trying to get us together for years. My problem with her, is with her drinking and her putting everything I do down." Suddenly, a vision hit and I grabbed her before she could fall on the floor. She screamed and thrashed for a second and then she jumped up.

"What did you see?" I asked.

"I-I saw my Dad and my Mom arguing in a hotel room. And my dad, he-he pushed her off the balcony," She cried, I helped her up. We went into the lobby and her parents were gone.



"Where the hell did they go?" I asked Wes and Gunn.

"They said they were going back to their hotel. Something about packing for a plane they have to catch tomorrow. " Gunn said. "Why?"

"Because my mother's in danger. I had a vision. Did they leave any info on what hotel they were staying at?" I said.

"Something about the Carlton," Wesley said.

"We have to go," Angel said," We'll fill you in on everything in the car."

"It's daytime, Angel," I said, worried about him.

"It's your parents, Cordelia,"

We put the top up on the car and a blanket over Angel as we rushed to the hotel.

How could my father throw my mother off the balcony? Is has to be an accident right? My father isn't capable of that, is he?



That bastard's going to kill Cordelia's mother. And I bet you it's over money. Not money he has in the States, but money he has in some off shore account she knows about and if she's divorcing she's entitled to half.

We stormed into the hotel. Cordelia ran to the reception desk where the receptionist was too busy on the phone to help us. I yanked the cord out of the wall.

"I need the room number of Richard and Cynthia Chase," Cordelia asked, frantically.

"Room 606," she said after checking the computer and we rushed to the elevator.

"Oh God, what if she's already dead?" She said.

"She's not, not yet," I assured her.



Their yelling could be heard down the hall. My father was calling my Mom a useless bitch. And my Mom yelled back at him, then she screamed and there were sounds of crashing. Angel busted through the door, Wes and Gunn were behind us. My father was choking my mother over the balcony. She was turning blue. Angel grabbed my father and threw him to the floor as I took my Mom into my arms.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," I said and she hugged me. "How could you Dad?" I yelled at him.

"She was going to ruin everything! She was going to tell everyone about my money overseas. I couldn't be ruined like that. Not again!" He ranted, as he struggled to his feet. Angel and Gunn held him as Wes called the police.

"Oh Daddy, I'm so disgusted with you," I said, I couldn't believe he was willing to kill his own wife over money.

"She was going to destroy me...us..Baby Girl," he said.

"Us, Dad, there's no us. There never was. You're sick you know that? Just forget that we ever existed. Get your things, Mom, you're coming to stay with us. And as for you Dad... You're going to jail." I said, finally after years and years I finally stood up to my father.

"The authorities are on their way," Wes said.



So now we have Cynthia Chase living with us for the last week. Not that I mind. It tickles me to watch Cordelia and her Mom go at it. They're so much alike they repel each other. Now we just have to figure out how to tell her why I don't go out during the day. Richard Chase is in jail, but not for attempting to murder his wife. He's in a nice cushy jail for tax fraud. Life is so fair.

"Watcha thinking?" Cordelia yawns looking up at me. Her head was resting on my chest and her hands were rubbing my stomach.

"We gotta tell her, Cor," I said and she went stiff.

"Why, Grandpa is coming to get her next week, we can pretend to be normal until then right?" Cordelia said looking like a cornered cat ready to pounce.

"Cor, she needs to know. There's but so many times I can keep you from knocking yourself unconscious from a vision. Not to mention, I'm running out of explanations," I sighed and she grinned remembering my sucky excuse this morning about her visions.

"What was it again? 'S-she stubbed her toe,'" she laughed.

"I'm glad you found that funny," I grumbled and she kissed my chin, then my cheek.

"Can we talk about all of this later?" She said, her soft hand sliding downward.

I smiled, Oh yeah, we could talk about this later.

Part 4: He's a What...?


Okay... Mom is driving me insane. Just having her here kinda throws everything off and now she wants to be extra helpful. She's driving Angel over the edge with her constant badgering about him going outside more during the day and getting a tan. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

He's not happy with keeping secrets from her. He acts like she his mother more than mine. He's all broody now.

"You gotta tell her," he has pleaded with me.

I'm not going there. No way ... no how. Three more days and Grandpa will be here. I'm not telling her and that's final. *sigh* Then why am at a restaurant with her and Angel sitting in front of a huge mirror, praying that during her numerous glances into the mirror to check her make up she realizes that Angel is not reflecting. No such luck.

Angel nudged my foot under the table and I kicked him, he wasn't going to force me to do this.



I should go into gameface right here and right now. Then maybe, Cordelia would grow some courage and tell her mother that I'm a vampire. I sighed, a took a sip of water to choke down the yelp of pain I felt after my lady love graciously kicked me under the table.

"So your father is coming to pick you up on Friday, right?" I asked, sounding a bit more desperate than I realized.

"What? Have I warned out my welcome so quickly?" Cynthia grinned and I shook my head in denial, stuttering to much to get a word out. She place her hand on mine, "I was just kidding, Angel."

"So, does he know about dad?" Cordelia asked.

"I told him the other day. He wasn't very happy. He said he thought Richard and I was a 'solid match,'" she sighed, sadly.

I just shook my head. Everyone thinks been rich would make them happy. They spend years using money as a substitution for love. I'm just glad Cordelia's out of that phase. Maybe I'll tell her about the money in the basement.

"Did you ever love Dad or was it just convenient?" Cordelia asked. I knew that question had been bothering her since her father was put in jail.

"I loved Rich because he was all I knew," she said. "My life was about making him happy. Everything was fine up until you were three. That's when I found out about the affairs. I felt like a fool, you know. I was so in love with him and there he was with his whores. Living it up," she looked like she was going to cry, and both Cordelia and I took each of her hands.

She smiled and squeezed our hands. "All I had that was worth anything was, you, Cordelia. He saw how close we were and he didn't like it. You was always supposed to be Daddy's little girl. He showered you with gifts constantly, anything you asked for you got. I didn't like it. Not because I was jealous, I didn't like it because I knew he was planning to use you. Just like my father used me." Like a very expensive whore, I thought.

"When we lost, when *he* lost the money, I *did* say that you were a liability. I didn't want you to come with us. Not because I didn't love you. I just wanted you out of his clutches for a while. So you could see there were so many other things more important in this world than money," Cynthia continued.

"Mom, you have no idea what I went through," Cordelia said. I remained quiet.

"I'm sorry," Cynthia said.

"Don't be, without you leaving me here...Mom I haven't been completely honest with you about what Angel and I do," she sighed.

Tell her, tell her, tell her... I chanted in my mind.



Angel was giving me that look again, the look that said, tell her now. I sighed and nodded. He smiled and gave me that..."I'm so proud of you right now" look. I gave him a nervous smile.

"Mom... we help the helpless," I said and my mother nodded knowing our catch phrase well. "We fight the good fight," I was stalling ... so what? When courage fails...stall, stall, stall. "When I met Angel, again, in L.A. I was trying to be an actress. I was starving, living in a roach infested motel. Then Angel and Doyle came into my life ... and they exposed me to helping those less fortunate," I said, again and Angel rolled his eyes. "Um, Doyle died and he gave me a gift. And now I use it to help the-"

"Helpless," Mom finished for me. I knew I was rambling, but I couldn't help it. Angel rolled his eyes again, then he gave me an imploring look that said: "Get on with it already!"

I sighed and decided the direct approach was best. Damn, just when I was trying to develop that whole, "tact", business.

"Mom, I'm a Seer. I have visions that guide Angel and the guys to whoever needs their help. Most of the time my visions have to do with demons and Hell beasts rising up attacking innocent people. Oh, and the reason Angel won't escort you to lunch is because he's a vampire. And vampires don't tan well." I finished and Angel looked at me amazed. My mother looked thoroughly amused.

"Mom?" I said, nervously and she began to laugh.

"What exactly is in your drink my sweet baby girl?" My mother asked.

"Nothing, but your standard alcohol," I said with a frown. Angel had his head in his hand rubbing his temples like he had a migraine.

I'm telling you the truth, Mom. Angel's a vampire," I said, again. My mother expression changed to one of deep concern.

"He's a what?" She said and I pointed to the mirror.

"A vampire, Mom. Look he has no reflection," I said and my Mother slowly turned her head towards the mirror. She looked at our reflection that was sorely missing the love of my life. Then she looked back at Angel. She grabbed her Chianti and downed it.

"You're a vampire," She said nearly dropping her glass.

Angel finally looked up, "Yes, I am."

"Waiter, another one of these, and a bourbon...Jack Daniel's, please!" She called across the room. It was my turn to hide my face in my hands.

"Cynthia, listen to me, I-I know this i-is all ... weird, but I have a soul. I fight for good, not evil. Um, and I-I really love you're daughter...tact or no tact," Angel said and I looked at him and smiled.



"You have visions?" Cynthia said to Cordy, downing the Jack Daniel's in a swallow.

"Yes," Cordelia sighed.

"And he's a Vampire...with a soul," Cynthia was slowly processing everything. She swished around her Chianti. A little more relaxed, now. It was the alcohol kicking in, I thought.

"Yes," We both answered.

"You two fight evil," she said, and then took a deep breath.

"That's how I knew Dad was going to try to kill you," Cordelia added and Cynthia went pale.

"He was going to kill me?" She said and I submerged the big "Duh" that was ready to come out of my mouth.

"Yes, in my vision he began to choke you just like we caught him. Then he began dragging you to the balcony, just like he was doing when we busted in. And after that he was going to push you off," Cordelia finished.

Cynthia downed the Chianti again and then ordered another bourbon. "That son-of-a-bitch!" she hissed.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Cordelia apologized.

"What for? You saved my life," Cynthia smiled. "Thank you." She took Cordelia's hand and squeezed.

"I love you, Mom," Cordelia said and I smiled. I swear I was getting weepy...just kidding. *Achem*

Cynthia looked at the mirror again and shook her head," You don't bite her or anything?" she asked me and I laughed.

"Not in that...Blah, I vant to suck your blud, way," I joked. "I do nibble on her earlobe on occasion."

"So, he doesn't hurt you?" She asked Cordy.

"He'd rather jump into Holy water, in broad daylight, and stake himself," She said and I squeezed her hand. Then I thought about that.

"Ow," I muttered and she grinned. "It's true, Cynthia, I would never hurt Cordy."

She downed her third bourbon for the night, straight out of the waiter's hand, "If he makes you happy and you love him...then I love him, too." She smiled at me and then she did something that I never thought she'd do in a million years ... she hugged me.

"Oh, Mom," Cordelia hugged us both and the rest of the restaurant's patrons began to clap.

"Um, I hope they didn't hear the conversation," Cordy said and we all warily looked around.

We finished dinner, quietly, without making another scene.



I made love to Angel like it was our last night on Earth together. After putting my very inebriated Mother to bed we immediately went to our room and began tearing off each other's clothes. His mouth, no, wait a sec, correction, his tongue was everywhere. I think he licked every nuance of my body. And after many...and I mean, many orgasms later I returned the favor.

And after, that we made love. I never had someone fill me as completely as Angel. Heart, body, and soul, I am his and he is mine.



Cordelia's middle name should be 'Hell Cat' because never in my life or unlife has any woman completely owned every single part of me. I mean, many have tried...Darla, Dru, Buffy, and to my personal shame...Spike, they didn't compare to Cordelia.

Everything I did to her she wanted to do back to me. If I went down on her, she'd go down on me....*Boy*, would she go down on me. Only word that could describe the head she gave me tonight would be ... spectacular.

And being inside of her. It's like she was made for me. I never truly understood why I haven't gone evil yet until tonight, when I was coming, and I looked into her eyes. I could have sworn I saw my soul in her eyes. It's times like those where I wished my heart could beat, so she could hear what she does to me.



It was about twelve the next afternoon when I went to go check on my mother. I knew that was the time when the hangover was tolerable. I brought her some espresso and a Danish. She was lying in bed, magazines on her lap, in a robe. I sat at the end of the bed and handed her the espresso and Danish.

"Good afternoon," I said, leaning up to kiss her cheek.

"Great afternoon for you," she smirked.

"What are you talking about?" I grinned, not knowing what she was smiling so deviously at.

She took a sip of the espresso and giggled," You'd think these old hotel walls were thicker."

My mouth went wide and I began to blush, "You heard us!"

"Yup," she grinned. "Oh don't be embarrassed," she told me when I tried to hide my face. "C'mere," she said, putting down her espresso, holding her arms out to me. I went to her. It had been years since we've embraced like this. She ran her fingers through my hair.

"You hate it?" I asked of my new shorter hair.

"I think you look very beautiful," she said and for the first time I didn't question her.

"You really love him, don't you?" She asked me.

"With every ounce of my being," I sighed.

"Treasure him, then, and make sure he treasures you," She said and I nodded.

"I will," I promised. I laid in her arms like I did when I was three as she held me and sighed.

"I have a question," Mom said. I looked at her, "How is it?" she asked. It took me awhile to get the meaning then I laughed.

"Mom!" I shrieked, mortified she'd even ask.

"Really, how is it?" She said again and I blushed from head to toe.

"W-well...you heard!" I giggled and she joined me.

"Oh, boy, did I !" She laughed and I hit her with a pillow. " I might have to ask Angel to do an old broad a favor." She joked.

"Mom!" I said, covering my ears.

"What?" she said feigning innocence. We both busted out laughing.



I walked past Cynthia's room and I heard her and Cordelia laughing and I smiled. Now *that* was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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