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Old 06-11-2004, 01:53 AM   #1
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Vote in the Succubus Club's 2004 Golden Fang Awards!

Vote in the Succubus Club's 2004 Golden Fang Awards! Voting ends on June 16, 2004

Cordy is nominated in the Most Surprising Revelation (aka The Unspoiled Award), Best Kiss, Best/Worst Hair, Best/Worst Dressed/Style categories.

This years categories include:
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Limited Run/Guest Appearance
Favourite Member of the Black Thorn
Most Surprising Revelation (aka The Unspoiled Award)
Best Death/Kill
Best Villain
Funniest Moment/Scene/Episode
Best Fight
Best Kiss
Best Hair
Worst Hair
Best Dressed/Style
Worst Dressed/Style
Most Underused Character

What was your favourite one liner from Angel? (please include who said it and the episode it's from)
Favourite Angel Episode
Favourite Angel Writer

To place your vote, please go here:
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Old 06-11-2004, 07:22 PM   #2
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Okay, here's my thingamajig. I guessed for, like, most of this, but yeah:

Best Actress: AMY ACKER (they didn't really give much of a choice here, she was up against MM and ST)

Best Actor: J. AUGUST RICHARDS (Dammit, he's gonna lose to JM, but hey...)

Best Limited Run: VINCENT KARTHEISER (He did good! He did good!)

Favorite Member of the Black Thorn: FELL BRETHREN (No clue who they are)

Most Surprising Revelation: CORDELIA DEATH (Hell, if Charisma didn't know [I'm assuming]...)

Best Death/Kill: ILLYRIA KILLS EVERYONE ('Cause...she killed everyone! They shoulda stayed dead)

Best Villain: SMILE TIME PUPPETS (Well, since Joss Whedon's ego wasn't on the list)
Funniest: SPIKE SEES PUPPET ANGEL (I have to admit, that was freakin' funny. Marsters is funny)

Best Fight: ANGEL CONNOR VS. HAMILTON (*shrug*)

Best Kiss: ANGEL AND CORDELIA (Well, YEAH. There was spit)

Best Hair: CORDELIA (The curls were gorgeous)

Worst Hair: BUFFY WIG (Have you seen the wig?)

Best Dressed/Style: CORDELIA (Three cheers for Charisma and her boobs!)

Worst Dressed/Style: ILLYRIA (I still think that costume is awful)

Most Underused Character: HAMILTON (The little I saw of him...I liked)

Favorite Angel Quote: "OK, Spike's a hero, and you're C.E.O. of Hell, Incorporated. What freakin' bizarro world did I wake up in?!" -- Cordy, You're Welcome (This BETTER win- it sums up S5.)

Favorite Angel Episode: You're Welcome (Duh.)

Favorite Angel Writer: Drew Goddard (Lineage, 1/2 Damage, 1/2 Why We Fight, Origin, 1/2 The Girl in Question) -- No clue.
Charisma's Bitch #1

"Treat everyone the same until you find out they're an idiot." -- Lucy Lawless

President Bush DID have a sure fire plan to end the war in Iraq, However Chuck Norris was busy that day.
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