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Old 05-28-2010, 12:09 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by samsmom View Post
I sometimes wonder if Fury or Whedon or any of the others know how offensive it is to say "well, we really SMG, but she said no so we settled for CC." Offensive to CC to be considered second choice and offensive to, not C/A fans, not *just* C/A fans, but to AtS fans in general who weren't that interested in the lead of another show mucking up AtS' one hundred. Did they ever consider that by putting SMG in there, it's saying that AtS couldn't stand on its own and needed SMG to make it 'special'? Or that a girl who hadn't been in Angel's life for a solid FIVE years would be able to get him 'back on track' while the woman he loved languished in an unseen, barely acknowledged, coma?

But then again, I am talking about the geniuses who gave the world "The Girl in Question". *spits*
I love your coment!
That was one of the things that eventually drove me away from the show. JW and company were so caugh up in this ridicously Romeo and Juliet/Angel&Buffy nonsense that sometimes I felt I was watching another show. Did they ever heard or character development??????!!!!!!
It's like the relationships in Angel and the growth the characters had in five seasons didn't existed at all! Maybe they thought they were commiting some sort of mortal sin by letting Angel be a show on its own, or maybe they just thought that ALL fans would prefer an imposible love*sneer*relationship than an actually grown up real love relationship, either way, Joss might be a genius when it comes to create worlds, but when it comes to character development he's such a 12 years old!

”Cordelia, I’m gonna fix this. Promise. I’m gonna get you back. I need you back“-Angel

"...Hope. I have hope or I have nothing"-John
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Old 06-04-2014, 07:14 PM   #17
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this description always makes me laugh
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Old 06-05-2014, 12:33 AM   #18
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It really did not make any sense to have the Buffy character on the 100th episode especially considering what went on in season 4 of Angel. What really is disturbing is that they would actually put a character that was not involved play by play in the seasons of Angel. How disrespectful! Cordelia made a huge impact on Angel and actually helped Angel with human interaction. If you go back and look at the earlier seasons of Buffy, Angel was kind of stiff and kept to the shadows (just my opinion). I do not think he even progressed as much in character until he went to LA and hooked up with the fang gang. Even Wesley changed. I think that Joss is dead wrong for what he did with Cordelia because her story line did not run its course. They just forced it closed. What has run its course is the Buffy and Angel saga. Another thing is by leaving Cordelia in a coma, we do not get to see her side of the story or whether she was present when all that icky mess was going on in season 4. What were they thinking? Anyway, the reason Buffy would be on the show is for ratings and the B/A fans thinking they are the ultimate couple regardless of any other logical story or character.

Yeah, I am a little bitter and ranting a bit but it is good to vent every once in awhile.
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