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Old 06-11-2004, 08:00 PM   #1
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Why C/A appealed to me

Why does C/A appeal to me? That's a question I'm sure many of us have thought about over the last five years. I am going to explore here why I really enjoyed the relationship.
The first thing I enjoyed about it was that it wasn't just forced on us. I like how they started out as acquaintances, became friends, best friends, and then by the end of season three were falling in love with one another. It came across more natural. It came across so natural in my view, that several times I forgot about the curse, and just wanted them to be together. I never really got into the whole B/A thing for two main reasons:
1.) I'm a guy, hence the Romeo and Juliet tragic romance thing bores the crap out of me.
2.) The other more serious reason is that I felt it was forced. It was like we have a good looking guy and a hot chick, let's throw them together. I tried, but I just couldn't make myself like it.
Another thing about it, is that Angel and Cordelia shared the qualities that I myself am looking for in a relationship.
1.) They both loved each other. We know that because Cordelia admitted it in "Tomorrow," Angel admitted it in "Ground State," and they both admitted it in "Spin the Bottle."
2.) They both trusted each other. Angel said at the end of "Somnambulist" that he trusts Cordelia to stake him should he become evil again, and Cordelia told Angel at the end of "Expecting," that she trusts him with her life.
3.) They enjoy being together. I don't think anyone has ever made Angel smile as much as Cordelia has with a smart aleck remark, a snappy comeback, a funny putdown, or just one of her brutally honest observations.
4.) They do things they don't want to do. Cordelia didn't really want to talk to Fred about getting out of the hotel for while, but did so because Angel asked her to. Angel didn't really want to talk to Fred about her crush on him, but did so because Cordelia asked him to.
5.) They are there for each other when they are needed most. Cordelia was provided a dry shoulder for Angel to cry on when his son was taken from him. When Cordelia thought Angel wouldn't want her around if she didn't have the visions, he assured her that even if she didn't have the visions he would still need her.
6.) She gave up everything for him. In "Birthday," even though she knew the next vision could kill her, Cordelia gave up everything she wanted out of life for Angel. She gave up being a famous actress, and even being 100% human in order to keep the visions and help him fight the good fight. Angel has also proven on many occasions that he'd be willing to give up his own life to save hers.
7.) Each is more afraid of the other dying than themselves. Angel said in "Birthday" that he's more afraid of Cordelia dying than she is. Whenever Angel would go out on a mission, Cordelia would worry about him until he got back safely.
8.) They each put the other's needs ahead of their own. Angel paid for her vacation with Groo even though he clearly didn't want her to go. Cordelia later told Fred that Angel is her priority and that his needs are the only ones that matter.
The third and final thing is the great moments that they provided. Here are my top 10 favorite C/A moments.
1.) The kiss from "You're Welcome"
2.) making out in the Prima Ballerina's dressing room in "Waiting in the Wings"
3.) Angel hugging Cordelia in the hospital and not wanting to let her go in "You're Welcome"
4.) Cordelia kissing Angel in order to take back the visions in "Birthday"
5.) In "To Shanshu in L.A.," Cordelia says "I've seen them all. They're suffering and in pain. We have to help them." Angel reassures her, "We will."
6.) Angel and Cordelia falling asleep on the bed together with baby Connor in between them in "Provider"
7.) When he starts worrying about being a father in "Tomorrow," Cordelia tells Angel, "He'll love you because you're you." Later in the conversation, she adds, "You have the biggest and best heart of anyone I've ever known."
8.) In "Waiting in the Wings," when Cordelia walks into the room in her new dress, and Angel's jaw drops to the floor after seeing just how beautiful she looked.
9.) The smile on Angel's face as Cordelia comes in and just takes over his office in "City of"
10.) In "Awakenings" Angel told Cordelia in that room that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else, and then made passionate love to her. (Unfortunately it turned out to be a hallucination.)
C/A produced a lot of good memories for me. Many of them can be seen on a special Angel/Cordelia musical tribute at For those of you that haven't seen it, it takes a while to download, but it is definitely worth the wait. It's a shame that Mutant Enemy decided not to further C/A, because I think they missed a big opporunity. If only they would know not to let personal grudges get in the way of doing big business. Oh well, at least I still have my re-runs on TNT and in syndication.

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Old 07-02-2004, 11:02 AM   #2
Long Live Cordy
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That summons it up for me!

CC Fan for Life
C/A forever

"Where there is Love there is Life."
-*Joyce Brothers*-

" Your Welcome." Cordy ('Your Welcome')

'I'm really strong if that helps." Angel("Ground State')
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Old 07-03-2004, 02:34 AM   #3
Oh! A bird!
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C/A to me was the best solution because it wasn't about romanticism, about delcaring their love for each other when it came to the end of the world, or jumping over obstacles and romantic interests to get to one another.

They were just...there. There for each other and to stick around 'till the end'.

Until Season Three hit and they decided to give the ship a chance only to turn it into a toned down version of B/A. Kyerumption, all seemed pointless to me.

Cordelia and Angel weren't destined to be together, they weren't some big forbidden/tortured love. They were friends who understood each other better than anyone and were always there for each other. Cordelia had faith in Angel and he had faith in her.

That's what they were to me and that's what they'll always be.
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Old 07-03-2004, 01:55 PM   #4
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C/A Goodness

I disagree that Cordy and Angel weren't destined to be together. I truly believe that she was meant to be his seer and he her champion. "Birthday" proved that to me. So I think they were meant to be together more so than B/A, but that could also be all the smutty goodness that is the fanfiction on this site talking to me. I don't know if I can list all my favorite C/A moments on this message board. But the first time I became a shipper was in "Belonging" when he offered to rip the director's head off for her. Ever since I was a definite Cordy-Angel fan. Even more so when he jumped head first into a hell dimension to save her. That's friendship/love. Aww (sniff)...I need a moment...
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Old 07-03-2004, 03:02 PM   #5
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I also disagree. C/A definitely had several romantic moments. Sure, it started out as a friendship, but it developed into something more. "You're Welcome," was the best episode of Angel ever, in my opinion, and proof that they belong together. Cordelia completes Angel. I kind of compare their relationship to Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt in "As Good As it Gets." Being with Cordelia, makes Angel want to be a better man. C/A and B/A were nothing alike. Cordelia didn't treat Angel like garbage. She did her best to make him feel like he was apart of the world, while Buffy frequently reminded him of how seperated he is from it. I liked that they had a normal healthy adult relationship rather than the high schoolish tortured romance/forbidden love crap from BTVS.
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Old 07-05-2004, 12:12 AM   #6
a.k.a. Danielle
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I've probably said this before, but what I liked most about C/A was that I could imagine them married, and still in love, in 40 or 50 years. There that old, gray couple who bicker all the time. Then, suddenly, the old guy pinches his wife on the behind, and she scolds him for being a dirty old man, but you can see the laughter in her eyes.

With B/A, even when I kinda liked it, I could never imagine it beyond 2, possibly 3, years in the future. I mean, I just never thought of them growing old, happily, together. That relationship had to be full of angst, and conflict, and pain, and declarations in moments of crisis. I remember that that was the only time I found it interesting. With C/A, I found the two of them just sitting around talking interesting.

Another difference is that being with Cordy made Angel feel...well, good. Well, unless she was mad at him about something...which could also be fun to watch. But, really, Angel seemed more willing to believe he was a good person, a good man, vampire or not, when he was around Cordy. On the other hand, one of the staples of B/A was that Angel felt like a monster around Buffy. That was one of the points of that relationship. The message seemed to be that Buffy was willing to love Angel in spite of the fact that he was a vampire. But Cordy just loved Angel, vampire and all.

I guess part of it does boil down to what kind of relationship you find more romantic. If you like the Romeo & Juliet, tragic love thing, you're gonna love B/A.

If, on the other hand, you dream of being in a relationship where you're in love with your best friend, and you feel complete and good when you're together, you'll probably favor C/A.
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Old 07-14-2004, 07:10 PM   #7
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I love the analogy. I was watching Heartthrob on TNT this afternoon, and I must say this, I loved Season Three. I like how Cordy and Angel didn't throw themselves at each other, they just sort of let nature take its course. I think when James confronts them on the train, he can see how much Angel loves Cordelia even though the two of them hadn't figured that part out yet. I can't wait to get home from work and watch That Vision Thing tomorrow.
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Old 07-14-2004, 07:50 PM   #8
Obsessed C/A Shipper
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Red face

Everyone's summed up the wonderfulness of the C/A relationship so well that it's hard for me to add anything. But i'll try.

C/A appeals to me for several reasons:

1 - I can see them lasting. They fit so well that it's easy to see them as a married couple.
2 - Their relationship developed naturally. They progressed from friends to best friends and finally to being in love. Nothing was rushed or forced. It just happened and it was a pleasure to watch.
3 - They're real with each other. Cordelia is nothing if not honest with Angel. Only she can sense when something's not right with him and pick him up again. And in turn Angel is not afraid to show all of himself to her because he knows she accepts him fully.
4 - Nothing about their relationship is fantasised or fake. They have a mature and believeable love that is so easy to get on board with.
5 - They epitomise the qualities that i would personally seek in a relationship. Maturity, honesty and real deep feelings.

I could ramble on forever but i guess that about sums it up for me.
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Old 07-16-2004, 10:00 AM   #9
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I tried to put myself in Angel's shoes, as to which would be the better relationship, Buffy or Cordy, and it's no contest. Cordy wins by a landslide.
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Old 07-16-2004, 01:05 PM   #10
Hopeless Romantic
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Originally Posted by brownsbros3
I tried to put myself in Angel's shoes, as to which would be the better relationship, Buffy or Cordy, and it's no contest. Cordy wins by a landslide.
Absolutely, I don't know why anybody would want to be at the complete beckon call of someone else! Angel was a non-character in BtVS. Cordy is what brought Angel life, she was his best friend...
which in my opinion is more romantic than the whole love at first sight thing, b/c you develop your feeling to a much greater degree - and the love at first sight thing is not usually a lasting thing (it's more of a lusting thing)
but I'm a little biased because my husband was my best friend before we started dating.
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Old 07-16-2004, 07:21 PM   #11
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I'll make a confession here, I used to date a girl similar to Buffy in personality. We were both reporters, me for the radio and her for the newspaper. She seemed nice at first, and there was a mutual attraction. However, the more we got to know each other the more it I found out how self centered she was. I was always expected me to be there for her when she had a problem, but whenever I wanted her to help me work through a problem she would always turn the conversation back to herself. When we'd just have a regular chat over dinner she would fill me in on her day, but could have cared less about mine. After we decided to stop seeing one another, she decided to flaunt her relationships with other guys in front of me. It almost took a ton of bricks to fall on my head, but I figured out what I wanted in a girlfriend, and that wasn't it. I want a relationship like what Angel and Cordelia had. It was give and take. They treated each other as equals. Angel and Cordelia had trust, Buffy and Angel didn't. You don't have trust, you don't have a relationship.
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Old 07-16-2004, 10:50 PM   #12
The heart never dies
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It was something special between the both. Cordy made Angel laugh, but with Buffy it was painful for him. And there was trust between Angel and Cordelia. She trusted him although he was a vampire and they were always there for each other. How sad that it has ended so tragically!
Nothing on earth stays forever, but none of your deeds were in vain, deep in our hearts you will live again, you´re gone to the home of the brave.
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Old 07-18-2004, 12:15 PM   #13
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Think about this:
Both times she visited L.A. she threw her relationship with Riley in Angel's face.
In "I Will Remember You," Angel gives up being alive in order to save her, and instead of gratitude, she responds with a "How can you do this to me?" speech.
Buffy's line, "You have a heart? It's not even beating."
When Angel wanted to help Faith, Buffy didn't trust his judgment.
On BTVS, when it came down to choosing between Angel and Riley, Buffy chose Riley. Unfortunately, she didn't get to him in time.
She chose Spike be her champion in the final battle.
She told Angel that Spike "is in her heart."
She slept with the two people Angel hates the most on the face of the Earth, Spike and the Immortal.

Cordelia gave up her dream of becoming a famous actress for Angel.
Cordelia gave up being 100% human for Angel.
She trusted him, when no one else would.
Even though it was not her son by blood, Cordelia still loved and took care of baby Connor like he was her little guy. It takes a special kind of lady to do that.
Whenever he needed her, Cordelia was always there for Angel.
In "Tomorrow," when it came down to choosing between Groo and Angel, Cordelia chose Angel.

To me its seems so obvious, I don't know why others can't see it.
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Old 07-18-2004, 10:07 PM   #14
Hopeless Romantic
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Originally Posted by brownsbros3
To me its seems so obvious, I don't know why others can't see it.
I think others did see it...
but there are a lot of idealistic people who want to believe that first love will *always* last forever. But what Cordy and Angel had was soooooo much better than first love, it was forever love AND friendship. Do you know how boring it would be to spend the rest of your life with someone you wern't friends with? Buffy and Angel wouldn't have made it to her old age, they wouldn't have anything to talk about after she lost her looks
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Well I think had Angel eventually shanshued and become human again, Buffy would have eventually became bored with him and moved on to someone else. She just doesn't strike me as the type of person to ever settle down with just one guy.
Cordelia on the other hand got to know Angel the person, and she fell in love with him because of who he is. I could see them settling down and living happily ever after. Unfortunately Whedon and the B/Aers screwed that up for us.
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