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Old 02-06-2004, 04:44 PM   #31
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All the moments previously mentioned already are great i especially loved Angel's longing to help Cordy in TSILA and TVT but my favourtite C/A moments are from Disharmony, Hearthrob and Provider.

I adore the ending of Disharmony so much, the clapping, dancing and smiling between C/A got me clapping, dancing and smiling too.

The hug in Hearthrob was soo sweet. As soon as he saw her, he had that smile on his face and that hug just has to be the best hug in C/A history.

The little family scene at the end of the Provider just makes me melt.
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Wish you were here

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Old 02-06-2004, 09:44 PM   #32
Lovin' Lorne
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Like some of you have already said, I first became aware of C/A as a potential couple during "Heartthrob." Those smiles and that hug when he came home. "You're back! He's back!" Wonderful. And the ever popular "Easy baby." At least I think it was "Easy baby." I know he called her "baby' though! Then to follow that up with "TVT" and then "Billy"? How could you not fall in love with the idea of C/A?

Then like Platy said, it just kinda became one sided. We all saw how much Angel cared for her, but she was given, what 2 episodes to realize she was in love with Angel, not Groo, rush rush rush, higher being, evil, coma, gone.

But "You're Welcome", finally showed Cordy's side of the story. And what a beautiful story it was. My tiny, shriveled up, C/A lovin' heart got a jump start!
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Old 02-08-2004, 12:50 AM   #33
Always Cordy
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I feel like I can contribute to this now that the pain of seeing Cordelia's final episode has diminished somewhat.

My favorite C/A moment is the end of Epiphany when Angel rushes to her after beating off the third eye buggers. The look on his face when he reaches for her is beautiful and my heart broke when she says that she's not okay because "You really hurt my feelings." I had loved C/A before that ep, but that moment stands out in my mind the most.
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Old 02-16-2004, 11:51 PM   #34
100% Cordylicious!
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My fav C/A moments are so much the ones already mentioned but off hand my 2 favorites are the end of "Your Welcome", the kiss and looks it was all so real and made me realize why I fell in love with C/A in the first place I also loved the end of TSILA. I love Angel's "I want you back, I need you back" to me this started to define their relationship and show how much Angel truly cared for and needed Cordelia.
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Old 02-19-2004, 07:21 PM   #35
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ThThe real sense of betrayal when Angel comes for the book in Reprise.
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Old 02-20-2004, 03:29 PM   #36
Penny Century
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A little OT, but on the classic Mustangs mailing list to which I belong, there's a big convo going on right now about the Hurst transmission. And of course I thought of this place.
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Old 02-20-2004, 10:37 PM   #37
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All of the moments that have been mentioned have been the best but I agree with LadyJubilee! The sexual tension between Cordy and Angel in "Reprise" when he went to get the book... OMG! Explosive...really. And also, "Waiting in the Wings" is the best! The way they kiss and practically have sex! OMG! When Angel tells Cordy that she was the most beautiful woman and she tells him "What did you just say?"... OMG! So beautiful! And when he tells her "It's us Cordy... it's you and me. Kissing you it's not something I can just..." and he gets closer to her but she gets the wrong idea and shuts him up and doesn't let him explain what he meant!! Amazing! And when Cordy tells him "I'm only alive when you're inside me..." and then they kiss! WOW... I'll think of other moments now and post them later...
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Old 02-21-2004, 01:33 AM   #38
Oh! A bird!
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Like some of you have already said, I first became aware of C/A as a potential couple during "Heartthrob." Those smiles and that hug when he came home. "You're back! He's back!" Wonderful. And the ever popular "Easy baby." At least I think it was "Easy baby." I know he called her "baby' though! Then to follow that up with "TVT" and then "Billy"? How could you not fall in love with the idea of C/A?
I actually fell in love with the possibility of C/A in the Dead End scene. Heh. There was a little part of me in the hospital scene of TSILA that had me inkling towards C.A heh.

Then like Platy said, it just kinda became one sided. We all saw how much Angel cared for her, but she was given, what 2 episodes to realize she was in love with Angel, not Groo, rush rush rush, higher being, evil, coma, gone.
True. I'm actually writing a fic where Cordelia is physically attracted to Angel and i got the idea wondering how good it would have been for Angel to really realize he's in love with Cordelia all along Season Three and have Cordelia thinking he's cute/sexy and come to the realization that she wants more (not necessarily love him, but like him to a large extent that in the near-future she could love him) than what they share together. Instead, they opted to have it one sided.

If i had to choose, i'd actually prefer for Cordelia to be suddenly attracted to Angel and kind of justify it as something else all season and finally realize she loves the big lug and Angel kind of reeling into the fact that he may have feelings for Cordy.

I don't know, maybe i'm one of the few that would have loved to see the feelings they had for each develop over time. Sure, i'm known for my short amount of patience, but with all the love i had for C/A i would have waited. It would have been a little soapy, but by the end of season three angel, what wasn't soapy about the show?

But "You're Welcome", finally showed Cordy's side of the story. And what a beautiful story it was. My tiny, shriveled up, C/A lovin' heart got a jump start!
It did, it truly did. And Charisma acted the shit out of this episode, and she made David Boreanaz a better actor. (Boy's got talent, but when you put those two together in a room and tell them to act. They'll furking act!)

If only the quality of "Your Welcome" (merely the C/A aspect and Cordy-scenes, nothing else was really good, only the shirtless Lindsey made up for some of it. Heh) was mirrored in the previous episodes (all of season 5 AND season four) and the episodes afterwards, we wouldn't have ourselves in this mess.

I mean, seriously, after S4/S5 (pre-YW) it looked as if they put no work or effort into ANYTHING at all compared to the quality of YW. Seriously, it just took a little effort. I guess it has to be the big 1-0-0 to have the push to make the writers (i'm looking at you! Joss!) get off their pompous asses and put something half-decent together.

Jeez. It's been how long since the beautiful sneak-peek of the 'Cordy Show' aired? And i'm sitting here, stll emotional.

I need help. NOW!
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Old 02-26-2004, 04:34 PM   #39
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Ok, I'm very new...first post, actually. Whoo! Hi, AC! *waves* I lurv A/C more than is actually healthy. *sheepish grin* In fact, I need to find some more sites...*runs off*
Up to his ass in demon gore, fine, but ask him to mack on a hottie and he wigs. My champion, ladies and gentlemen. -Cordy, WITW
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Old 02-26-2004, 04:36 PM   #40
Who Da Man?!
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Welcome to the board!
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Old 02-27-2004, 05:58 PM   #41
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also for the angst, Benediction. where she rests her head on his shoulder and tells him how sorry she is... I heart that moment...
:sniffles: Oh god I know! The way she touched his shoulder, the way she rests her chin on him..sniffling back her own tears and saying she was sorry....
and his look! the look on his face...pure he was so he didnt know what to do anymore...oh gonna cry
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Old 03-03-2004, 12:00 PM   #42
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Okay I usually just lurk here but I have to put my two cents in on the angsty moments. At the end of Spin The Bottle when Angel follows Cordy down the hallway and asks "were we in love?" She turns around looks down and says "we were" My heart absolutely broke for them in that scene. The music that was playing, the way the scene was shot and the look on Angels face. It get's me everytime.
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Old 03-05-2004, 03:40 PM   #43
a.k.a. Danielle
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Another great scene where Cordy wasn't even in the ep was in "Loyalty". Angel is talking about love, and how he used to think it meant pain, and being torn up inside, but now he knew better. He was talking in relation to Connor but, since he was already in love with Cordy at that point, I think he was also talking about her, and how his feelings for her showed him love could actually be a good thing.

And I agree that it would have been nice to see Cordy's feelings for Angel (or, at least, her realization of them) develop over time. Then again, dressing Groo up to look like Angel was a big, honkin' clue that something was going on with her, even if she didn't know it.
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Old 03-08-2004, 03:41 AM   #44
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Thanks for your prop. I'd forgotten I'd posted that Bowie ditty. Saw the first eppy of the Sopranos S-5 tonight, christening a friend's big screen. Brought along my laptop (she wants a Dell, now, Cynthia - of the Trust Fund Cynthias) and I showed her my digifotos of San Francisco (oh yes, Strangers, I'm moving down there! 'Bye gray skies. Hello. . . gray skies. But warmer!) Heartthrob was in the laptop DVD bay. . .

This remains one of my top 3 episodes. Along with 'Birthday' and TSILA. It is a marvel of accessible story-telling, and compared with the Sopranos, quite sturdy. Back to back: Angel is just as distinctive in its own way as the HBO show, and I couldn't imagine going easily from Tony hitting on Dr. Melfi (is that a spoiler? Well it shouldn't be.) to just about any other network show and hold up the way it did. Fromthe camera panning up and seeing Fred alone, poking her head out from her room. I told Cynthia: "Angel is a vampire. He has a soul, which means he has a conscience about the people he killed and tortured. Sunlight, decapitation and wooden stakes through the heart can kill him. He needs to be invited into rooms. Cordy has visions of the future that hurt like hell. She has a rent-controlled apartment that comes with a ghost. Oh, and Buffy's dead.

Turns out, I didn't need to tell her any of this. Cynthia was hooked by the time Angel opened the doors to the Tibetan monistary! The writing is so efficient and effective, you know everything you need well before you need to. My favorite scene: Of course! The one that ends, "I'm Cordelia. I don't think, I know." Specifically, when she corrects herself - "A living, breathing. . ." CC rolls her tongue, a truly adorable and heartfelt blip, and says "well, living anyway."
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Old 03-09-2004, 09:34 PM   #45
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Hey everyone! Hey AD!! I love you and welcome!

About the C/A moments... aren't you guys forgetting the moment in "Belonging", Season 2? It's when Angel went to visit Cordy on the set of her commercial. The first great thing about that scene is when Cordy takes off her robe and she stands there with her bikini only. LOL Angel kept looking at her like "OMFG She's hot!". Then, the director started bringing her down and Angel almost killed the guy:

Director: "What's wrong? You don't speak English? The wardrobe. I need to *see* it. Lose the robe, princess."
Cordy stares at him for a moment and he snaps his fingers a few times.
Cordy: "Sure. Sure."
She slowly takes the robe off to reveal that she's wearing a very skimpy bikini dotted with seashells. Angel looks over, blinks, takes a second look, his eyes widening a little. Looks away. Sneaks another quick glance then keeps his eyes on the director. He was clearly checking Cordy out!
Director: "Turn around. (Cordy does so, slowly) Well, nothing wrong there. Okay, turn. (Cordy turns to face him again) When does she go to makeup?"
Cordy: "I've already been to makeup."
Director: "Really. (To assistant) Then take her back. Tell David to get rid of those circles under her eyes. She looks like a refugee from an abused women's shelter."
Cordy: "I had food poisoning."
Director: "Yeah, right. You eat. Good one. (To assistant) Tell David I'm supposed to wanna sleep with this woman. I don't. Do you wanna sleep with her? Of course you don't."
Angel: "You're out of line. (The director turns and stares) Apologize to her."
Director: "Oh, let me guess. Wanna-be rocker or part-time male model. I could go either way on this one."
Angel takes a step closer to him: "I said apologize to her."
Director: "Really? (Aside to assistant) Get security."
Cordy: "Angel..."
Angel: "Who the hell do you think you are, huh?"
Director: "I think I'm the director. (To Cordy) And I think you're real smart for bringing your unemployed boyfriend onto *my* set, telling me how to film my commercial. That's really helping your career."
Cordy, back in her bathrobe, takes a hold of Angel arm and pulls him away from the director.
Cordy: "I'm sorry. Ah. He won't bother you anymore."
Director: "Oh, I know he won't. Because security is gonna toss his ass in about two minutes. Now get into makeup and hope they can work miracles."
The director leaves and Cordy turns to face Angel.
Angel: "Do you want me to rip that guy's head of for you? Because, you know, I can. I can actually just rip his head right off his body. I can do that."
Cordy: "Are you *trying* to ruin my career? I mean, is this like a conscious effort on your part?"
Angel: "No. I just..."
Cordy: "You need to go. Now. (Angel lets out a deep breath) Why are you still here? Go!"
Angel: "Look, I have to ask you a question."

I also love this scene... from "Belonging" too:

Wesley walks up to Angel.
Wesley: "Angel, is everything alright?"
Angel hands Gunn an ax, then picks up another one and tosses it to Wesley before getting one for himself.
Angel with a sigh: "I-It's Cordy."
Wesley: "What about her?"
Gunn: "Headaches getting worse?"
Wesley: "What happened?"
Angel: "Nothing happened. It - it's just... Heh. Acting is her dream job? I mean, that's the world she really wants to live in? With people like that? I don't get it."
Wesley: "Who are you talking about?"
Angel: "Mr. 'Hey, I'm an L.A. director, you know, shooting a commercial (snaps his fingers) so I must be the center of the universe' guy? It's just like, (?) if you wanna make it in show business you just pretend you're on the food chain(?). I mean, all we do is save the world. And the way he talks to her. It's like she's his commodity. Like she's his slave or something. And you know what the worst part is? She took it. When was the last time Cordy took crap from any of us?"
Gunn: "Never. And the day after never."
Angel: "Exactly! He's also got her wearing this - flimsy swimsuit that covers like (twists the ax handle between his hands as he looks up at the ceiling) nothing."
For a moment all three guys' eyes unfocus, then they glance at each other.
Wesley: "Appalling."
Gunn: "Disgusting."
Angel: "Right..."
All three guys stare at the floor for a moment, Angel clearly knowing that he has feelings for Cordy and thinking about her, then Gunn shakes his head slightly.
Gunn: "Well, shouldn't we be off killing something?"
Wesley: "Absolutely."
Angel: "Good. Let's get this show on the road."

I love those 2 scenes! WOWIE!
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