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Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
If you count zombie attacks, several of them.
No, I thought the Governor and his merry band of psychopaths had stormed the gates before. Maybe not an all-out attack?

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
If I were Rick, I'd be tired of having to defend that drab place and just move on down the road. Maybe find a nice Army base or missile silo.
Well, if the show were interested in showing the process, having the prison as the base for a return of "civilization" would be a workable plan. You'd have to secure it of course, and get to work making it sustainable. Then recruit more "citizens" and expand in population and area, gradually creating more and larger walled off zombie-free zones. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Clearly that is not the story TWD wants to tell though.

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
I think Martinez was a loose lip kind of situation. He doesn't want anyone to know what he did, especially his new "family."
What was "I don't want it! I don't want it!" about though? He doesn't want leadership, then he does because he saw some zombies trapped in whatever they were trapped in?

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
But do we know if that camp was defenseless? Did they bring that up? Just wondering if it could have been a fair fight kinda thing and they just lost so with the victor goes the spoils.
Not really. They had some barbed wire surrounding the camp, but that was all I saw. Not even any weapons, though I can't see how they would have survived long without them. They looked like they'd been abused to me; lots of cut throats and all.
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