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Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
I was mostly meh about this one. I'm not a fan of, what I feel is, director contrived suspense and this episode was full of it. So I fast forwarded alot.
Yeah, apparently a not uncommon position regarding this episode. I dunno; I like it when we're reminded that this is a show where zombies are supposed to be the bad guys after spending as much time as we do on living people being such shits to one another.

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
I'm beginning to think that the fan theory that Carol is only covering up for Lizzie might have some merit. Little Lizzie is a full on creepster for sure. That toe swirling in the blood and the way she feels about zombies makes me think she's fully capable of offing those two. Carol finds out or Lizzie tells her what she did, and Carol covers it up with burning the bodies to protect her. At least I'm hoping that's what really happened.
I have enough trouble believing Carol was strong enough to drag two dead bodies out to the courtyard to burn them. I can't believe Lizzie did it. Now, Carl covering for Daryl, maybe. But then, I also think Daryl would own it if he did it.

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
I cannot wait for Rick to tell Daryl!
It should be interesting no matter how it goes.
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