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Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
Not sure how Oceanside can help without their guns, but maybe big sticks?
Replacement troops for the dead/deserted junkyarders, plus whatever Alexandrian and Savior dead who also had guns. And Kingdom folks too, if any were killed.

Originally Posted by DamnSkippy View Post
Speaking of the tiger, I know Ezekiel is his buddy, but I don't see how he managed to let the tiger loose on only the bad guys. And if he could control it that well, why not point him directly at Negan? Yeah, I'm pissed Negan is still alive.
Yeah, I mean I guess you could say Sheba knew the smell of her fellow Kingsomers and would leave them alone, but why she spared the Alexandrians? Because the script said so is the only answer I got.

Plus one to Negan being alive too. I know Sasha is off to trek in the stars, but killing her off and not letting her take Negan was unfulfilling.
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