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I confess I had to look up that actors ages because I thought she looked far older than Blucas. She was born in Nov. '69 and Blucas was born in Jan. '72, so just a little over 2 years difference. So, knowing that, I can see them pairing them up a little more convincingly. However, I thought they were hinting pretty strongly that she and Nico would be the ones hooking up in the future even though I don't know how that would happen since they're both working for the team just like Blucas.

Morrigan, I believe the order of happenings was that they slept together and then the next morning he asked her to help him quit smoking. And she hynotized him in his bed, so it wasn't in her office and an on-going process. But maybe that's worse on a professional level although I doubt it's out of the realm of possibility that a hypnotherapist would do something like that for a friend and non-patient.

OTOH, she was hired by the team as the team psychologist. That put them into a professional/colleague relationship so I can see the difference.
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