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Originally Posted by starlet2367 View Post
I thought she looked about 10 years older than Blucas, so it interested me that they set up the will they/won't they vibe with the two of them. It's refreshing. Though I admit, I like her more with Nico. He's got a cooler, more adult vibe that suits her better.
I don't know if I like her better with Nico but I came into the episode missing the first part and didn't realize she'd had a relationship with Blucas' character and figured she'd eventually get paired with Nico, there was a "vibe" there.

I'm a little confused though, she tells Blucas she can't date him while she's treating his player b/c that would be unprofessional but when she thought he was pulling her into an office for a bit of "afternoon delight" she was OK with it even though she had apparently treated him to stop smoking? Why was it OK for them to sleep together when he was a client but not now? I didn't get it but whatever.

I liked the wacky mom and sister (what is it with USA shows having wacky mom's and dysfunctional sisters?) . I rather like Blucas but I was one of the very few fans who like Riley and Buffy/Riley (more than B/S and B/A). I've always like Scott Cohen in just about everything he's done, this is no exception.

I can't say it's Must See TV for me but since it's on after Royal Pains I'm sure I'll watch a few more eps to see if it clicks.
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