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Penny Century 12-31-2008 06:11 PM

How to Register
Hey, folks - a quick word about registration. Thanks to those crazy botnets generating literally thousands of new and bogus memberships every month, I have set the board software not to accept any new memberships at all.

Yes, there is a way around this! so glad you asked. If you want to register to read fanfic and other members-only sections, e-mail me at penny @ stranger-things dot net with your desired user name and confirmation e-mail address. I'll create your membership manually and set up steps for you to validate it.

Thank you for reading this message!

Penny Century 06-15-2010 01:01 PM

Quick update: Thanks to ReCAPTCHA doing its job, we've been able to reactivate the Register function on the board's front end. No need to e-mail me to create your account any more - just click the link and follow the instructions.

Please don't forget that we still send out a click-to-confirm e-mail, and that you must follow that e-mail's instructions to show up on our moderation screen. Please provide a real e-mail address when you register, and check for the ST confirmation message after you sign up. We have never spammed our users or sold their addresses, and we never will.

If you signed up with a fake e-mail address, e-mail me with the real address you want to use, and I'll help you fix it.


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