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The Charisma Carpenter Forum
This forum is to be used for all discussion related to Charisma Carpenter and her work outside Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Expendables, Greek, C.S.I., See Jane Date, other past and future appearances, etc.). If you'd like to post links to articles, pictures, etc., please do it here.

NOTE: Spoilers for CC's upcoming projects should be posted using the SPOILER font described below, or in a separate thread with the word SPOILERS in the title.

The Cordyverse Forum

This board is for all Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer discussion, but focusing especially on the character of Cordelia and on the C/A relationship in all its forms and stages. This is also the place to discuss upcoming conventions dedicated to or with a significant component concerning the Cordyverse.

THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-DEDICATED BOARD! Please don't treat it as such.

The TV Party! Forum

(No, it's not devoted to Black Flag. Or Henry Rollins, for that matter.) This is for all discussion of your other favorite TV shows.

Please note that ALL spoiler rules apply here as well. Use the SPOILER font when appropriate, and do not post spoilers in thread titles.

The special subforum TV Class Reunion! has been created especially for discussion of the AtS and BtVS cast and crew's other TV projects, including Firefly, Miracles, Dollhouse, et al. Nothing in here should be related to Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The General Forum

This is for all off-topic discussion -- everything from headline news to favorite Web sites. No topics in here should be related to the Cordyverse.

The Movie Mania! Forum

Dedicated to your favorite movies, past and present, including all AtS/BtVS cast and crew efforts. This is also the place to discuss upcoming releases. ALL SPOILER RULES APPLY. Don't make me get up.

The Fanfiction Fora
The Fanfiction posting area consists of two boards:
  • Serial Fanfiction, for multipart fics and continuing stories that are meant to be read in a specified order, and
  • Standalone Fanfiction, for single-part stories that are not part of a contiguous series.

Just Fic is the official archive for fanfiction posted at Stranger Things. Contact DamnSkippy via PM for more information.

Since this is a C/A board, all fic should be related to this couple in some aspect. That doesn't mean it has to be romantic, but the focus of the fic should be on these two characters and their relationship. (An extreme example of an inappropriate posting would be a Spike/Buffy fic in which Cordy and Angel show up at the end to say "hi.")

All ratings are accepted as long as the story is clearly marked. If a fic is rated NC-17, please put that rating in the TOPIC TITLE.

As an extra courtesy to readers, please label Crossover stories as such in the title line.

Remember to post fics with a heading that includes the title, author, disclaimer, author's e-mail address, rating, etc. A notice about how you would like your fiction to be distributed (if at all) would also be a good idea, as many members are looking for fics for their own sites.

Please put a serious disclaimer on your fic. We don't want anyone to get sued.

Don't hog the board. There is no exact limit to how many threads you can post in a day, but please keep the number small. Everyone deserves the chance to have their fiction in the spotlight.

If you repost a finished fic, do so in ONE thread. If the finished story is not part of an ongoing series, repost it in the Standalone area.

The Fanfiction Help/Recommendations Forum

Post any fanfiction questions here -- anything related to fanfiction that is not fanfiction itself, including challenges, advice, recommendations, and requests for beta readers.

This area is open for all fic recommendations, not just C/A, C/A-centric, or Cordyverse fic. The only guidelines are those that apply for all fora: Label new threads clearly, and make sure you're not duplicating effort (e.g., see if an Anya/Giles Fic Rec Thread already exists before you start a new one).

All Cordyverse fic subgenres are eligible for a Rec Thread, including slash, BtVS-only, and non-"'ship" (ew!) fic.

Members also may recommend any kind of fic from any other fandom, whether film, TV, books, comics, anime, manga, online series, or what have you.

Please note: Recommendation threads are for endorsements and offsite links only. Actual posting of fics is forbidden, partly because it's a potentially uncontrollable symptom of "mission creep," but mostly because our current processor requirements don't leave any server resources to spare for them. Thanks for understanding.

The Multimedia Forum

C/A-inspired wallpapers, fanart, videos, and other media files go here.

The Introduction Forum

If you're new, be sure to say hello!

The Forum Announcements/Help Forum

If you have a question about the forum, or a suggestion to improve it, post it here. Also, keep an eye on this space for announcements regarding maintenance, downtime, and new forum features.

This forum also contains the Testing thread. Feel free to try out image links, avatars, .sigs, and other attachments here.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 08:17 AM.

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